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A bit about me

Hey, welcome to my page; thank you for dropping by!

I’m Dima Awad, a freelance English & Arabic copywriter and content creator based in Dubai, UAE.

I help businesses and brands reach and persuade their target clientele, achieve their goals, and ultimately improve sales.

I am extremely passionate about conveying brands’ messages creatively in a perfect manner to let your story being heard and understood.It all starts with WORDS!

I craft compelling copy and engaging brand content that will entice potential customers to take the desired action.

Words are my most powerful tools, and guess what? I’m committed to employing all of my resources and strength to help you stand out from competitors!

My copywriting can impress, appeal, persuade and SELL. Whether you are looking for selling website content, a thorough company profile, fresh blogs, or creative social media content, I am positively your go-to girl!

Content Creation

What I do

Professional copywriting that sells! I work closely with clients and marketing agencies to build exceptionally creative, crisp, and compelling content. Diversity, diversity, and finally, DIVERSITY! No, no, it’s not a glitch; you’ve heard it right. In essence, my work is all about authenticity!

Website Content Writing

I write content for people that Google will reward!  I craft coherent, relevant, and beautiful web content that accurately represents your brand. 

Company Profile Copywriting

A Company Profile is one of the most important introductory means of any corporation, small or big. It is your way of telling people about your products or services and demonstrating your values and vision. Let’s create a memorable first impression by crafting a compelling and engaging company profile that will interest your audience to wanting more.  


I deliver fresh, clear, and winning blog copy that will influence and educate. I write blogs and articles worth reading. 

Social Media Copywriting & Content Creation 

Content plans development and strategy planning, generating authentic and innovative topic ideas that cater to the interests and demands of your audience persona, along with creating written or visual content around both your brand and those ideas. 

Ad Copy 

I create eye-grabbing ad copies to get the reader to respond or take action, deeply motivating to stop readers in their tracks and urge them to read more and undoubtedly want more.


O’write, How about we get real now?
Take a look at some of my work & Spy my words reporting for duty!
I have cooperated with a blend of brands from different fields and industries, whereas each project and brand has its unique tone of voice that fits perfectly with their identities and audience’s persona.

What clients say about me

Heart work always pays off!

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Dubai, UAE